Germany Arctic Strategy


                     "Assuming Responsibility, Creating Trust,                                                         Shaping the Future"


                  Germany's Arctic Policy Guidelines, August 2019

On 21 August 2019 the Federal Government published new Guidelines for the German Arctic Policy. You can read a summary report on the Federal Foreign Office's website. By adopting these Arctic policy guidelines, the Federal Government wishes to underscore the central importance of a comprehensive German policy on the Arctic and emphasises the joint responsibility of all actors for this sensitive region with a view to shaping it sustainably for the future.

The Federal Government therefore believes that there is an increasing need to work towards worldwide climate and environmental protection in accordance with the Paris Agreement. It is committed to protecting the Arctic as a largely conflict free region as well as to its peaceful use. The economic potential of the Arctic should be exploited in an environmentally friendly way and with due consideration of its high level of ecological sensitivity. Additionally, the Federal Government stands for the support of the indigenous and local community' rights in the Arctic and the expansion of free and responsible Arctic research.

Read here the Guidelines for the German Arctic Policy.


Under the auspices of the Federal Foreign Office, the following Federal Ministries were involved in the development of the guidelines:

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
  • Federal Ministry of Defense
  • Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy