5 Years German Arctic Office                                                                     

                                       15 June 2022, Berlin

Since five years, the German Arctic Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute serves as a center of competence for information and policy advice and supports German stakeholders with regard to Arctic issues and concerns. To celebrate this anniversary, the office organized a festive event onboard a seminar ship on the Spree River in Berlin. The invited participants included the federal ministries, agencies, research institutes, think tanks and NGOs participating in the Arctic Dialogue. Furthermore, representatives of seven Berlin embassies of the Arctic states were present and also the former interns of the Arctic Office participated in the event.

The evening included a seminar with oral contributions from partners and a short film about the Arctic Office. A reception with snacks and drinks, providing the opportunity for dialogue and conversion.

5 Years German Arctic Office

Welcome: Dr Volker Rachold, Head of the German Arctic Office at AWI

Moderator: Michael Däumer, Arctic Expert, Formerly at Federal Foreign Office



Prof Bernhard Diekmann, Head of the Potsdam Branch of AWI

Christian Jetzlsperger, Federal Foreign Office

Dr Zage Kaculevski, Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Ambassador María Erla Marelsdóttir, Embassy of Iceland in Berlin

Dr Walter Kühnlein, German Association of Marine Technology

Dr Lydia Gustavs, Project Support Office Jülich

Charlotte Schüsseler, Former Intern at Arctic Office