22nd Arctic Dialogue                                                                        

                                       30 November 2023
                       German Institute for International and
                              Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin



The 22nd Arctic Dialogue Meeting was jointly organized by the Arctic Office and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin on 30 November 2023. The main topics of the meeting included an update on the climate situation in the Arctic, a summary of international climate politics ahead of COP 28 and a discussion on the implications of the disruption in the cooperation with Russia. In her opening remarks, the director of AWI Prof. Antje Boetius reported on the recent RV Polarstern cruise ArcWatch-1, studying the sea ice in the central Arctic Ocean. The second part of the meeting started with a presentation on opportunities and challenges in international climate politics and expectations for COP 28 in Dubai, given by Dr. Gerrit Hansen (SWP). The third topic included an introduction of the EU project Arctic PASSION, which is developing an integrated Arctic observing system of systems, presented by Dr. Michael Karcher (AWI) and a discussion on the consequences of the cooperation stop with Russian institutions.