German Arctic Strategy

Taking the geopolitical, environmental and economic importance of the Arctic into consideration, Germany’s Federal Government recognizes the region as an area of political priority. Priorities set by Germany include environmental protection of the Arctic region, the conservation of its biodiversity and the sustainable development of economic opportunities for German and European industries.
Germany’s Arctic policy guidelines - Assume responsibility, seize opportunities. Federal Foreign Office, November 2013)

A decline in sea ice coverage is excepted to increase commercial activity in the Arctic, coupled with new chances as well as new risks. The German science community has committed itself to research priorities that contribute to sustainable solutions and developments in the region. (Source: Rapid Climate Change in the Arctic - Polar Research as a Global Responsibility. Federal Ministry of Education and Research, September 2015)

In Germany, the Federal Foreign Office represents the country in the Arctic Council, whereas the Federal Ministry of Education and Research holds governmental responsibility for German research in the region. The following Federal Ministries hold a special interest in current and future developments in the Arctic:

  • Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture: sustainable fisheries
  • Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure: shipping
  • Federal Ministry of Defense: international security
  • Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety: environmental protection
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: economic prospects