Arctic Science and Global Warming:

              A Canadian-German Perspective


                                  8 November 2022,

                   Berlin Embassy of Canada to Germany




Arctic Science and Global Warming: A Canadian-German Perspective

There are growing challenges in the Arctic, but we also see opportunities. As an Arctic nation, Canada seeks to maximize cooperation on Arctic policy priorities: safeguarding national and international security interests; promoting international cooperation through the Arctic Council and combating (and adapting to) climate change and promoting sustainable economic development.

Canada and Germany have long been pioneers in Arctic research and are home to some of the world's most renowned experts in the field. After years of investment in research and development, Canadian and German researchers are focusing on new projects and opportunities for cooperation.

Help us explore how we can create a framework to enhance future collaboration in scientific research and technological development. Together we can pursue opportunities that lead to the creation of mutually beneficial, collaborative, and multidisciplinary projects in Arctic research.

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