"Marine Expeditions for Climate"

                         Get on board!

                                           3 June 2019
                                       Berlin, Germany



Marine expeditions have always filled the public imagination with discoveries and technological exploits. Nowadays, they play a crucial role in the understanding of climate change and of its effects on our ecosystems. This seminar aims at highlighting three major expeditions that call for a sustainable development and spread a message in favor of the protection of the oceans and of the climate:

a) the polar schooner "Tara" advancing research on the protection of the environment

b) world’s first hydrogen vessel "Energy Observer", which has been nominated as “French ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals”

c) MOSAIC, the largest-scale Arctic research expedition of all time, which will start in September
2019 with the German research icebreaker Polarstern.

So get on board!

The seminar is part of the European Sustainable Development Week and takes place on 3 June from 6-8 PM in the Ambassy of France in Berlin. The seminar will be in English.