19th Arctic Dialogue                                                                       

                                             15 June 2022
                                     Helmholtz Office, Berlin

With the new German government taking office, the leadership and structure of the seven federal ministries participating in the Arctic Dialogue has changed. The central theme of the 19th Arctic Dialogue was therefore on the role of the Arctic from the point of view of the new German government. Which changes have occurred in the ministries under the new leadership and what are the consequences for the Arctic policy? Representatives of the federal ministries presented short updates on changes, new priorities etc. with regard to the Arctic.

The scientific keynote on “Thawing Permafrost in a Warming Arctic – Local and Global Consequences” was presented by Prof Guido Grosse, head of the AWI section on Permafrost Research.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Arctic Office, a questionnaire had been sent to the participants of the Arctic Dialogue to review past activities of the office and to identify possible changes or new future activities. The results of this survey were presented and discussed at the meeting.