The German Arctic Office initiates and organizes national Arctic meetings and events in cooperation with partners from science, politics and industry, and supports the Federal Government in the representation of German Arctic research and policy at international conferences.

15th June 2020, Online

The German Arctic Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute invited for the 15th Arctic Dialogue on the 15 June 2020.

32 participants joint the meeting to discuss measures to implement the German and EU Arctic guidelines as well as contributions from German polar and marine research as part of MARE:N to the most pressing social challenges in the Arctic.

15 January 2020, Potsdam

This session was focused on the communication of scientific findings to policy-makers and the dialogue between scientists and policy-makers that is required to identify policy needs and policy-relevant questions. The session was opened with a keynote presentation, followed by a panel discussion including scientists and policy-makers from Germany and the UK.

27th November 2019, Berlin


The German Arctic Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy invited for the 14th Arctic Dialogue on the 27 November 2019.

Fifty participants jont the meeting focusing on economic activitites in the Arctic, as well as the contents of research in this area and the techonolgy transfer at the AWI.

7 November 2019, Berlin

On 7 November 2019 the half-day symposium on German-Russian research cooperation presented an overview of more than two decades of joint Russian-German research in the Arctic and provided an outlook into the future.

8 - 9 October 2019, Reykjavik, Iceland

The workshop "Raising awareness and building capacity for science-based policy-making" was organized by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, the German Arctic Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute and the Icelandic Center for Research, in cooperation with the German Embassy in Reykjavik and supported by the German Foreign Office.

5 June 2019, Berlin

In May 2019, the Chair of the Arctic Council was transferred from Finland to Iceland. To inform the German Arctic interested parties, the Arctic Office of the Alfred Wegener Institute has jointly organized a symposium with the Finnish and Icelandic embassies and the Foreign Office.

5 June 2019, Berlin

On 5 June the 13th Arctic Dialogue brings together German scientists and policymakers, focusing on research cooperations in the Arctic. The meeting was held in the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

3 June 2019, Berlin, Germany

Marine expeditions have always filled the public imagination with discoveries and technological exploits. Nowadays, they play a crucial role in the understanding of climate change and of its effects on our ecosystems. This seminar aims at highlighting three major expeditions that call for a sustainable development and spread a message in favor of the protection of the oceans and of the climate.

26 April 2019, Bremen, Germany

We are pleased to invite you to the German Norwegian Ocean Forum 2019 (GNOF19) on Friday 26 April 2019 at 10 AM at the Übersee-Museum in Bremen.  

20 February 2019, Potsdam, Germany

On 20 February the indigenous researcher Jocelyn Joe-Strack visited Potsdam to present her perspective on the contribution of indigenous knowledge to science at the seminar on Climate Change in the Arctic: How Indigenous Knowledge and Science Can Help.

20 February 2019


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