Office for information and cooperation in the Arctic

The German Arctic Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research serves as an information and cooperation platform for German stakeholders invested in Arctic science, politics and industry. It enhances the visibility of Germany‘s engagement in the Arctic on a national and international level.

The German Arctic Office serves as a central point of contact for political and scientific bodies, NGO‘s and German industry; advises the Federal Government on Arctic issues through statements and briefings based on the most current state of research, and; fosters Germany‘s participation in the Arctic Council‘s scientific activities.

The German Arctic Office initiates and organizes national Arctic meetings and events in cooperation with partners from science, politics and industry, and; supports the federal government in the representation of German Arctic research and policy at international conferences.

The German Arctic Office provides scientific organizations with background information on current policy relevant developments in the Arctic Region, and; informs German stakeholders from science, politics and industry with consitent information from the global Arctic research community.

7 November 2019, Berlin

We invite you to the symposium taking place on 7 November 2019. This half-day Symposium will present an overview of more than two decades of joint Russian-German research in the Arctic and provide an outlook into the future.

21 August 2019, Berlin

The Federal Government publishes Guidelines for the German Arctic Policy. Seven Federal Ministries developed the guidelines under the auspices of the Federal Foreign Office. Main topics are climate and environmental protection, the peaceful use and international cooperation, sustainable exploitation, as well as the support of indigenous' rights and the expansion of Arctic research.

5 June 2019, Berlin

In May 2019, the Chair of the Arctic Council was transferred from Finland to Iceland. To inform the German Arctic interested parties, the Arctic Office of the Alfred Wegener Institute has jointly organized a symposium with the Finnish and Icelandic embassies and the Foreign Office.

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  • 27 November: 14th Arctic Dialogue (Internal event at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • 27 November 6 PM: (Only in German) "Klimawandel in der Arktis - Mit IPCC und Polarstern an den Nordpol" (Vertretung des Bremer Landes beim Bund, Hiroshimastraße 24, 10785 Berlin)