Veranstaltung "The Modern Arctic"                                                                        

                                 14. Dezember 2023
                         Nordische Botschaften, Berlin



The Arctic is often depicted as a remote region of frozen wilderness, but it is also an area of vibrant innovation, modern cities and entrepreneurship. The seminar sought to overcome stereotypes and demonstrated how people in the north use innovation to maintain resilient and sustainable societies. The discussion addressed how communities in the Arctic region are responding to climate change and what strategies they employ to reduce their environmental footprint, as well as their contributions to the green transition.

After the opening by the Icelandic Ambassador María Erla Marelsdóttir, Antje Boetius, Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute, set the scene for the discussion. The opening session was followed by a panel with experts from the Nordic countries:

Mie Winding, Greenland Climate Research Centre - Nuuk (Greenland)

Katariina Lehtonen, Tourism project manager – Rovaniemi (Finland)

Marianne Bahr Simonsen, Smart City Bodø - Bodø (Norway)

Moderator: Volker Rachold (Arctic Office)