Increasing public interest in current developments in the Arctic Region has motivated both Arctic States and Obervers in the Arctic Council to publish Arctic strategies.


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Over the past few years, States and Indigenous People Organizations have outlined and defined their national priorities and policy objectives in the Arctic and on northern issues in response of a growing global strategic importance of the Arctic region. This process has involved not only the eight Arctic States and Arctic Indigenous Peoples, but also non-Arctic States both in Europe—such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom—and in Asia—such as Japan and South Korea. In addition, it must be noticed that many other non-Arctic states have shown clear interests on Arctic issues (as for instance China and India, both accepted as observers at the Arctic Council), but haven’t (yet) developed a clear and formal Arctic policy.*

The Arctic Portal has assembled policies, strategies and visions for the Arctic released by the eight Arctic states, indigenous peoples and non-Arctic states in the Arctic Policies Database.

(* source Arctic Portal)